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If you are travelling to Qatar for the first time to watch FIFA World Cup, QatarXpert.com can guide you with proper information. We understand that travelling to Qatar might not just be a World Cup tour, but you would also like to enjoy some quality time in Qatar with family or friends. We would gladly assist you with all possible information about Qatar travel.

Needless to say that you are a football enthusiast and planning to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar? Then probably, you are at the right place. We value your fan moment and are here to give you all the possible information on FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar, in 2022.

As usual, the tickets are being purchased in bulk. After all, it’s the football mania. Fans are eagerly waiting to reach Qatar and cheer for their preferred football teams. We are excited to be part of this celebration and are here to assist the football fans with information so that they have a smooth, safe, and informed FIFA World Cup visit.


We aim to provide you with all possible information about World Cup and Qatar travel.


We strive to reach as many Qatar travelers as possible and make their journey smooth.

Often when people decide to move to an exotic destination, they tend to lack proper planning. That’s where we step in to offer you all the relevant information regarding FIFA World Cup, 2022, and also a Qatar travel guide, which will assist you to make informed decisions, much in advance, thus making your entire football experience smooth and hassle-free.

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