Qatar World Cup Travel Packages

FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup Travel Packages: Detailed Guide

An expert guide to choose right Qatar World Cup Travel Packages. The world’s most popular and prestigious international football game, FIFA World Cup 2022, is going to be played in Qatar this year. Such is the craze for the FIFA World Cup that almost half of the world’s population makes it a point to watch at least one live game at the stadium. If you have always had the dream of watching the FIFA World Cup, let 2022 be the lucky year for you in the exotic country of Qatar! Here we will guide to choose Qatar World Cup Package for your trip.

What is the Schedule for the Qatar World Cup 2022?

As Qatar is extremely hot in the summer season, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in winter to give some relief to visitors and players. The competition will start on 21st November, 2022 and end on 18th December, 2022. The dates for the quarter finals and the semi-finals are Dec 9- Dec 10 and Dec 13- Dec 14 respectively. The final match will be played at the Lusail Stadium on 18th Dec.

Why Book a Qatar World Cup Travel Package?

Visiting Qatar during the most entertaining sporting event will truly be an experience of a lifetime. This is going to be the first ever World Cup hosted by an Arab country. Booking a travel package will ensure that you enjoy the FIFA World Cup and explore the beautiful city at the same time. Read the article till to end to learn more about the best packages for you.

FIFA Hospitality Packages
FIFA Hospitality Packages by

2022 Qatar World Cup Travel Packages

A good travel package for your Qatar World Cup trip will provide you the following conveniences:

  • Premium accommodation- A clean and comfortable stay is the first priority of any traveler. Your travel package will include accommodation in luxurious hotels equipped with all modern amenities.
  • Desert safari- How can you leave Qatar without participating in its most famous excursion? Yes, we are talking about the desert safari in the mesmerizing golden sands of Qatar.
  • Being a part of the FIFA World Cup- Whether you are a FIFA fan or not – visiting Qatar during the FIFA World Cup will be an amazing experience. Your tour package will ensure that your Category One ticket is pre-booked so that you can watch at least one World Cup match.
  • City tour- Qatar is situated in Eastern Arabia and the city welcomes all tourists to get a taste of unique Arabic culture, delectable Arabic cuisine and picturesque locations. Tour packages also provide FIFA fans multiple options to participate in a wide range of tours, activities and excursions.
  • Exploring Doha in a shuttle- Right after you land in Qatar, your travel agency will take care of all your shuttle rides. From picking you up at the airport reaching all the destinations conveniently – your travel package will cover all your rides. So, you can simply sit back make the most of your short but exciting stay.
  • VIP Metro pass- You can easily reach the tourist spots, stadiums and your hotel with the help of one of the world’s cleanest Metros. The travel package will not just have metro passes but also access to the luxurious Golf Club Car at the end or beginning of each train.

How much does World Cup Qatar World Cup Package Cost?

Qatar World Cup 2022 package prices vary as per the services and facilities you choose. The price ranges between $9,275 and $26,850. Read below to know about the package prices in detail.

All-inclusive Qatar World Cup Packages Services:

All-inclusive travel packages for taking part in the Qatar World Cup 2022 have the following features-

  • Professional assistance to help you choose an ideal tour package
  • Accommodation at your favorite hotel
  • Flight timings and specifications as per your wish
  • Tour options and private travel
  • 24*7 on-site assistance by the host team
  • Round-trips and airport transfers

Qatar World Cup Travel Packages – Travel Agencies

  • Hospitality Packages- Hospitality packages guarantee world-class hospitality and give foreign fans a chance to engage with amiable Qatar people and experience its rich culture. The starting price for hospitality package in USD is $950 with accommodation is premium hotels starting at $337. Visit the official website to learn about the hospitality packages in detail.
  • Qatar Airways- Qatar Airways are another reliable agency where you can book your FIFA 2022 travel package to make the most of your Qatar World Cup trip.
  • BucketList Events- A renowned travel agency offering customized packages to cater to every traveler’s personal preferences, BucketList Events gives you the ease to book in a hassle-free manner.
  • La Vacanza Travel- La Vacanza Travel covers everything from your World Cup Match Tickets to sightseeing activities, from your preferred hotel to commuting in the city.
  • Thomas Cook- Be it your first International trip or your only World Cup tour, Thomas Cook is there to help you at every step. Committed to giving travel enthusiasts the best travel experience in a foreign country, Thomas Cook is a reliable name in the travel industry.

2022 Qatar World Cup Premium Packages

With customizable tour packages, you can see the illustrious tournament and the majestic city the way you like. Besides the incredible soccer, the 2022 World Cup Packages offer a plethora of wonderful activities in the host country. Here’s a list of the most booked packages for the Qatar World Cup this year:

Group Stage i Millennium Plaza Doha 20th Nov- 27th Nov 27th Nov-  4th Dec $10, 775
Group Stage ii Dustin Doha 20th Nov- 27th Nov 27th Nov-  4th Dec $11,425
Group Stage iii St. Regis Doha 20th Nov- 27th Nov 27th Nov-  4th Dec $15,375
Round of 16 & Quarterfinals i Millennium Plaza Doha 4th Dec- 11th Dec $9,275
Round of 16 & Quarterfinals ii St, Regis Doha 4th Dec to 11th Dec $13,685
Follow Your Team Millennium Plaza Doha 4th Dec- 11th Dec $18,145
Follow Your Team Dusit Doha 4th Dec- 11th Dec $19,385
Championship Finals Week Dusit Doha 11th Dec- 19th Dec $18,920
Championship Finals Week St. Regis Doha 11th Dec- 19th Dec $24,195
Championship Finals Week Ritz- Carlton, Doha 11th Dec- 19th Dec $26,265

FIFA Qatar World Cup Travel Packages by Qatar Airways

  1. Early Groups Package- USD 4,950 is the base price per person and it includes stay in a double room, international flight (round trip) tickets, 7-night hotel booking with complimentary breakfast, 3 personalized tickets for 3 matches.
  2. Later Groups Package-Starting from USD 4,700 for one traveler, it covers a trip from 27th Nov to 3rd Dec, 6-night hotel booking in a double room with complimentary breakfast, tickets for 3 matches and round trips (international) via flight.
  3. Qatar Finals Package- Starting from USD 4,050 for one person, the trip is from 7th Dec to 11th Dec and includes 4-night hotel booking with free breakfast, international flight tickets from your city and back to your city, and the privilege to watch two Quarter Final matches.
  4. The Final Package- The cost per person is USD 5,600 and it offers accommodation from 15th Dec to 19th Dec in a double room with free breakfast, flight tickets and tickets for a semi-final match and the final match.

How to book a Qatar World Cup Travel Package?

It is quite easy to book a travel package for the Qatar 2022 World Cup as per your requirements. As a first-timer is might seem confusing as plenty of options are available. So, follow these simple steps to book you travel package in a hassle-free manner:

  1. Choose the travel agency and the package- Take your time to research well and select a package that will offer you the most memorable sporting and touring experience.
  2. Choose hotels and flights- As per your budget, you will have to select the fights and hotels from the different categories available. For instance, you can fly in business class or economy class, stay at a five-star or a three-star resort.
  3. Review the final package- Once you have added all your choices, don’t forget to check one last time in case you have missed anything. The main thing is that you should be satisfied with the package you have chosen.
  4. Finish the booking- The last step is to update your card details and complete the payment. Congratulations! You just learnt how to book a Qatar World Cup travel package online!

With multiple tour companies and flexible travel packages, you can actually create your dream package for the Qatar 2022 World Cup tour from your country. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Qatar trip now and book the best package for yourself. Do you have any queries regarding your travel package? Our team is happy to answer your questions and guide you accordingly.

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