Qatar Airports

Quick Guide to 3 Qatar Airports (Domestic & International)

Adorned with lavish buildings, scenic landscapes and gleaming skyscrapers, Qatar is among the most visited cities in the world. Qatar remains crowded by tourists in all seasons, offering delightful experiences of cultural activities, desert safari, and culinary adventures. Qatar is home to are one of the most business airports in the world. Qatar also has multiple airports to sustain increased tourism during the Qatar World Cup 2022. There are 3 Qatar Airports, including domestic and international.

Guide to Qatar Airports

There are 3 Qatar Airports, including domestic and international. Hope you are excited to visit Qatar and booked FIFA World Cup Tickets and have Hayya Card with you. Before travelling to Qatar, if you want to know about the airports in Qatar, this article is for you.

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport, formerly known as the New Doha International Airport, is the only international Qatar Airport. Decorated with unique artwork, elegant interiors and architectural excellence to provide visual delights, the airport offers a plethora of fun-activities for tourists waiting for their flight.

After elaborate planning, the construction started in 2005 and in 2014, Hamad International Airport finally opened its doors for international and domestic flights. The airport derived its name from Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the previous Emir of Qatar. The airport’s spatial structure is designed in a manner that can accommodate heavy traffic in peak seasons.

  • Airport Type: International Airport
  • Airport Code: DOH
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Checkin counters: 138
  • Distance from Doha City: 20 km
  • Official Website:

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Doha Airport:

Before the Hamad International Airport, the only international airport in Qatar was Doha International Airport. Doha International Airport replaced the Dukhan Airport, which was also the earliest airport in Doha. Operating since the 1930s, the airport was on number 27 in 2010’s list of busiest airports. It was the commercial airport at Doha until the Hamad International Airport started functioning in 2014’s May. With that, all commercial flights landing at the Doha Airport were shifted to the Hamad International Airport.

Current status of the Doha Airport:

After 2014, The Doha Airport stopped functioning as a commercial airport. Presently, this airport is used only by the armed forces solely for military services. Gulf Helicopters, Qatar Aeronautical College, Rizon Jet, and Qatar Emiri Air Force use the existing runaway and the airport site. However, the Qatar Government has plans for refurbishing the Doha International Airport especially for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup 2022. So, during the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Doha Airport will be reopened for handling more traffic smoothly.

  • Airport Type: Currently, it is a military airport.
  • Operator: Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
  • Location: Doha City, Qatar
  • Elevation: 35 feet/ 11 m

Al Khor Airport:

Al Khor is the third airport in Qatar and offers domestic flights to a number of regions. The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority manages the Al Khor Airport. The airport is majorly used by Qatar’s general aviation aircraft. Since 2008, it has functioned as the venue of the yearly Al Khor Fly-In. This Fly-In continues for two days and visitors are entertained inside the airport premises to watch aircraft.

In 2019, the Qatar government removed the Al Khor Airport from the Qatar AIP as per the AIRAC’s 08/19 amendment which has been effective from 15th August, 2019.

Currently, Al Khor Airport is getting ready to be reopened before the FIFA 2022 World Cup to manage heavy traffic of international fans. Travelers landing at the Al Khor Airport also have the option of exploring nearby tourist destinations like Corniche Al Khor, Purple Island, and Al Khor Park.

  • Airport Type: It is a public airport.
  • Operating Agency: Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
  • ICAO Code: OTBK
  • Location: Al Khor, Qatar
  • Elevation: 10 feet

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many airports does Qatar have?
    Qatar has 3 airports in total, out of which one is a military airport and the rest two civil airports.
  • Does Qatar have an International Airport?
    Yes, there is only one International Airport in Qatar, which is the Hamad International Airport.
  • Is Doha Airport and Hamad Airport the same?
    No, Doha has two airports situated next to each other: the Doha International Airport and the Hamad International Airport (which was earlier called the New Doha International Airport). However, Hamad International Airport is the only commercial airport and the old Doha International Airport is used only for military purposes.
  • Is Qatar allowing international flights at present?
    Passengers from all foreign cities can fly to Hamad International Airport as per govt. rules.
  • To how many countries does Qatar Airport fly?
    Qatar Airport operates international flights to at least 90 countries around the globe.

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