Qatar SIM Card Guide

Best Qatar SIM Cards: Prepaid & Postpaid Plans, Buying Guide

Qatar is a small Emirate located on the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Qatar offers tourists numerous opportunities to explore both natural and man-made wonders. Exploring the wonders of this small Emirate can be made much easier by taking advantage of the benefits that the internet provides. This is where local Qatar SIM cards come in handy, because roaming data can be expensive. Using local SIM cards to connect to your desired online space is usually both cost-effective and convenient.

As a visitor, you may be wondering which Qatar SIM Card will best suit your needs. This article is for you if you are unsure which one best suits your needs.

Guide to Buying SIM Card in Qatar:

Where to buy a SIM Card in Qatar as a tourist?

The airport arrival hall at Doha’s Hamad International Airport is the most convenient location for visitors to purchase a local SIM card. The SIM stand is located on the right and left side of the hall as you exit the terminal. Outside the Qatar airport, you can also purchase a SIM card.

Do World Cup Travellers require a SIM Card in Qatar?

You must have either a local (Ooredoo or Vodafone) or an international SIM card to make calls or operate data through your cell phone.

Prepaid & Postpaid Qatar SIM Card Companies: Which one to Choose?

Staying connected with your loved ones while visiting Qatar is expensive with your international roaming bundle pack. Switching to a local SIM card can help you save money on your phone bills.

The good news is that getting a local SIM card is simple. The best news for travelers is that the major cellphone carriers in Qatar offer specific international calling plans. These plans, however, do not provide enough data. In that case, data add-ons are an option. This will significantly reduce your phone bills.

Is Documentation required?

SIM registration necessitates the production of your passport. The vendor will scan your passport and activate the SIM card in a matter of minutes. (You might need to show your Qatar Visa or World Cup Hayya Card as well)

Mobile Network Operators in Qatar

There are two mobile network operators in Qatar:

1. Ooredoo

Top-ups are available in QR 10-500 denominations with 30-360 days of validity. After that, your line will only be able to receive calls and SMS for the next 30 days. You can reactivate it by topping up within 120 days of its expiration date and receive a refund for any unused credit. After 120 days, your line will be deactivated and cannot be reactivated. Unused credit will be forfeited.

*129# can be used to check the balance and validity.

Data Feature Packs

Validity Data Price
until midnight 500 MB QR 10
14 days 1 GB QR 30
28 days 2.5 GB QR 60
28 days 4 GB QR 80
28 days 7 GB QR 100
28 days 14 GB QR 150
42 days 20 GB QR 200

Ooredoo’s Fan SIM Card for Tourists

Ooredoo offers a Fan SIM/Visitor SIM for QR 35 (USD 9.67) which includes 1 GB of free data, 25 minutes of local calls, 15 minutes of international calls, all valid for 7 days. For more information about the same click here.

Price: USD 9.67 or QR 35*
Validity: 7 Days

2. Vodafone

Their welcome pack costs QR 25 and is available at any Vodafone store (locator). It only has local minutes and must be recharged to get more. USB modems for use with mobile broadband can also be purchased from any Vodafone store.

You can charge it in-store or online with 20, 35, 100, 150, 350, or 500 QR codes that are valid for 60-365 days. By dialing *100#, you can check the balance and validity of your account. A SIM card is valid for 120 days after the credit expiration date. Your SIM card will then be deactivated.

Data Feature Packs

Data package Price Validity Volume Activation
Daily Pack 1 QR 1 1 day 10 MB *200*302#
Weekly Pack 6 QR 6 7 days 75 MB *200*306#
Weekly Pack 10 QR 10 7 days 150 MB *200*710#
Weekly Pack 20 QR 20 7 days 1 GB *200*720#
Weekly Pack 125 QR 125 7 days unlimited *200*125#
Internet Pack 30 QR 30 15 days 500 MB online/store
Internet 60 QR 60 28 days 2.5 GB online/store
Internet 80 QR 80 28 days 4 GB online/store
Internet 100 QR 100 28 days 7 GB online/store
Internet 200 QR 200 42 days 20 GB

Are Qatari SIM Cards Cheap?

Vodafone offers a Qatari for 10 QAR (2.75 USD). Ooredoo “gives” SIM cards away for free, but you must top up at least 10 QAR to receive one. For as little as 20 QAR, you can get a plan with 1 GB of data valid for 7 days (5.50 USD).

Is 5G service available in Qatar?

More than half of the country has the infrastructure in place to support 5G services. In 2020, it was also one of the top five countries in terms of internet speed.

Free WiFi Internet Access in Qatar – Is it True?

Only Qatar Airways passengers have access to free Wi-Fi at Hamad International Airport. Free internet is also available in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. No confirmation yet on availability of free Wi-Fi in Qatar World Cup Stadiums. A few public parks, such as Al Wakrah and Corniche Al Khor, also serve as free wireless internet hotspots. However, keep in mind that connecting to free Wi-Fi poses certain security risks.

Purchasing a new SIM card while visiting a foreign country can be puzzling. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or not, we hope that this guide has assisted you in making informed decisions regarding your trip to Qatar. Your suggestions and input are always welcome, so please leave a comment if you believe we have overlooked anything.

We hope and pray you have a great time in Qatar. Rest you always have our articles to fall back on.

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