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Qatar Travel Insurance: Buying Checklist, Companies, Covers & Claims

Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip – we all spend days planning our trips. From finding the best accommodations to preparing the itinerary – we want everything to be perfect. But there’s something most of us overlook while planning our vacations and its travel insurance. Are you one of those people who often neglect the significance of being protected while on a trip? If the answer is yes, this article is definitely for you. We are here to tell you all about the benefits of securing your trip to Qatar by buying the best Qatar Travel Insurance.

All about Qatar Travel Insurance

Is it mandatory to have travel insurance as per Qatar Travel Policy?

The answer is yes. As of 2022, the Qatar government requests all foreign visitors to have a health insurance policy that will be valid in Qatar. Travel insurance policy is essential to enter Qatar. The policy also needs to be effective throughout your stay. Moreover, having the insurance can be of great help in case of an unforeseen accident or ailment.

Is travel insurance compulsory for Qatar’s ‘visa on arrival’?

As per the Ministry of Interior (MOI), visitors from countries that are eligible for ‘Visa on arrival at Qatar‘ should have travel insurance. All visitors should have travel insurance to avoid problems after reaching Qatar.

Qatar Travel Insurance Requirements:

Travelers have to be mindful of the following rules while applying for Qatar travel insurance:

  • The traveler needs to be a citizen of the country from where he boards the flight.
  • The traveler must be a resident of one of those countries that are eligible for traveling to Qatar.
  • The traveler should possess a ticket to be able to proceed with buying travel insurance.
  • For any kind of special request, the traveler needs to contact the insurance provider instead of Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar Airways processes the payment after the traveler submits all details regarding the travel insurance plan.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel Insurance for Qatar must includes these range of facilities. Continue reading to learn about it in detail:

  • Personal accidents: Accidents during a trip are unpredictable and can cause temporary or permanent losses like a lifetime disability, major or minor wounds, and sudden death. Travel insurance becomes crucial in such a situation.
  • Medical Expenses: Travel insurance pays for hospitalization and required treatment in case of any kind of sickness while exploring Qatar
  • Loss of expensive stuff: You will be eligible to claim reimbursement if you lose any of your valuable stuff while in Qatar.
  • Damage to third party: This means your travel insurance will also make amends for losses you cause to another person or their belongings unintentionally.
  • Trip cancellation: We book our flights and hotels months before the date of our journey. So, it is impossible to predict occurrences like death of a family member, sudden illness etc. We all have cancelled trips at least once in our life and it also means financial loss in case of non-refundable bookings. Your travel insurance will ensure that your get your money back if you are forced to cancel or postpone your expensive Qatar trip.
  • Legal expenses: If you have to pay any kind of legal fees abroad, the travel insurance covers that as well.
  • Winter vacation extension: If a traveler faces an accident while participating in winter sports like skiing, the travel insurance guarantees that the person enjoy a hassle-free and memorable vacation in Qatar.
  • Loss of baggage: Travel insurance also provides compensation if your luggage is lost in transit areas or airports.
  • Misplacement of passport: When someone misplaces the passport, travel insurance offers reimbursement to get a replaced temporary travel document.
  • Terrorism attack: Finally, injuries and losses due to acts of terrorism in a foreign country are also covered by travel insurance.

Does Qatar Travel Insurance cover medical conditions/ health problems?

Availing medical treatment in a foreign country can be extremely costly. How can you avoid that in Qatar? Bid adieu to paying hefty hospital bills by buying a travel insurance plan before your journey to Qatar. Travel insurance fairly covers charges for treatment and hospitalization.

Is COVID-19 covered by Qatar Travel Insurance?

What will happen if you get covid-infected during your stay in Qatar? After COVID-19, the Qatar government has revised its Travel Insurance Policy. In case of infection from COVID-19, travel insurance will save your back. If you have travel insurance beforehand, you will be able to claim the money for quarantine, hospitalization and trip cancellation.

Travel Insurance Companies in Qatar

Now that you have understood the advantages of getting your trip secured through travel insurance, the next big step is to choose a reliable travel insurance provider. Are you confused about which travel insurance agency to approach? Here’s a list of most-preferred travel insurance companies in Qatar by tourists from different parts of the world:

  1. QIC (Qatar Insurance Company)
  2. Al Noor Insurance Broker
  3. Doha Insurance Group
  4. Amana Insurance Brokers
  5. GIG Gulf
  6. QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company

Research well to choose a travel insurance company offering the right coverage at an affordable price.

Checklist Before Buying Travel Insurance for Qatar:

Picking a proper travel insurance plan for your Qatar trip can be a challenging task for first-timers. Here are certain factors you should consider before identifying the perfect travel insurance plan:

  1. How often will you fly to Qatar: This question is important as various plans fulfill various needs. For a brief travel, a single plan is sufficient. But, for frequent fliers to Qatar, there are other profitable plans like multi-annual plans. The amount you pay depends on the type of plan you select.
  2. Current medical reports: Health and age play a dominating role while claiming compensation. If there are pre-existing health problems due to drug abuse or alcoholism, travel insurance will not cover losses related to these factors.
  3. Duration of the trip: Longer stays will also mean a much higher premium. So, try to plan your stay accordingly.
  4. Choose as per itinerary: Are you going to Qatar for work, to spend some leisure time or to have adventure? If you wish to do activities like water sports, skiing etc., it is better to pay a little extra and opt for special coverage.

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Qatar online?

It is quite simple to purchase Qatar travel insurance for your upcoming trip. At the time of booking your flight ticket on, you can select a travel insurance plan. You can also do this later by clicking on the option, ‘Manage booking’ after your booking is complete. Here’s your guideline to buying your Qatar Travel Insurance:

  • Understand your need and choose from different insurance policies available.
  • Calculate the amount of your travel insurance cover after analyzing all the factors.
  • Filter the search based on your requirements.
  • After selecting the best policies, compare them to know the one that’s truly the best.
  • Finish the documentation to purchase the Qatar travel insurance policy.
  • Make the payment and wait for the insurance provider’s response. This takes 7-10 business days.

How to Claim your Travel Insurance in Qatar?

Follow these steps to claim your Qatar travel insurance:

  1. If there is an emergency when you are in Qatar, email or call the insurance company to acquaint them with your situation.
  2. A Claim Service Representative is the person who’ll assist you in registering the claim.
  3. After that, you have to download the claim form online.
  4. Submit the form after filling up with accurate information and provide all supporting documents.
  5. A surveyor will verify your documents on behalf of the insurance agency.
  6. After assessing, the company will accept your claim.

Planning a foreign trip is undoubtedly an expensive affair. There are so many expenses like airfare, hotel booking, sports tickets, guided tours, etc. So, we may conclude by saying that opting for travel insurance is a must to minimize losses in times of unplanned events such as cancellation of the trip or health problems during your stay in Qatar. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a travel insurance policy that suits your requirements and have a fantastic trip. If you have any queries, feel free to share your thoughts with us on the comments section.

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