Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation

Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation – Where to Stay?

Once you have booked your tickets for FIFA World Cup 2022, the next concern is to book a hotel to make your stay at Qatar a comfortable one. So, where can you find an ideal hotel? How much will it cost you per night? What are the different categories of stays available for international visitors? We are here to answer all your questions regarding Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation. If you are visiting Qatar for the first time and looking for standard accommodation in your budget, your quest ends right here. So, read the article till the end to find out what’s best for you.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation

MATCH Hospitality AG is the official accommodation of Qatar World Cup 2022. FIFA designated MATCH Hospitality with the ‘Official Hospitality Programme’ including the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup tournaments between 2009 and 2023.

The leading provider of travel packages for FIFA World Cup 2022, MATCH Hospitality is a reliable and experienced agency and committed to delivering a memorable experience to fans. You can visit to check out the hospitality packages and premium accommodations.

MATCH Hospitality allows guests to experience Qatar’s hospitality in two of the most extravagant hotels at exclusive rates:

  • Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel, Doha
  • JW Marriott Marquis, Doha

Where to Stay? Qatar Accommodation for World Cup Travellers

Since you are visiting Qatar this winter to watch the matches, you would like to stay at the centre of the city and as close as close to the stadiums as possible. One of the best things about the eight stadiums in which FIFA 2022 matches will be played is that they are in close proximity to one another. In comparison to Russia where the 2018 FIFA world cup was played and even the closest stadiums were 175 miles apart, the farthest distance between two stadiums for Qatar World Cup 2022 is only 46 miles. So, your goal should be to search for accommodations in areas that are easily accessible from the stadiums.

Hotels in Qatar:

The demand for rooms in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup has surpassed the capacity of its hotels to welcome guests. As per the Qatar World Cup’s official website, at present there is zero availability. With almost all of Qatar’s hotels being located in the heart of Doha, all hotels have been sold out months before the scheduled World Cup. The reason is that even if there are 90,000 rooms in various hotels, the number of expected tourists is roughly 850,000.

So, most ardent football fans that have been planning their FIFA trip to Qatar for months have already secured their stay. Now the question is: Where will you stay?

The Neighboring Countries of Qatar:

There is a wide range of luxurious as well as budget hotels in Qatar’s neighboring countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Oman. If you haven’t booked your hotel in Qatar already, there is a wide range of options in the cities of Dubai (in UAE), Muscat (in Oman), Dammam (in Saudi Arabia), and Abu Dhabi (in UAE). All these cities are just one short flight away from Doha.

So, it will be quite convenient for you to book a hotel in one of these neighboring countries and fly to Qatar on the match days. Moreover, staying in one of the above mentioned cities will also give you the opportunity to explore another exotic foreign country in the Middle East.

What are the advantages of staying in one of Qatar’s neighboring countries?

All of the cities included in our list offer straightforward and quick travel with plenty of flights to Doha. These are some amazing advantages of choosing a hotel in a neighboring country:

  1. As Doha will be over-crowded, you can’t expect quality services from hotels. So, in the neighboring countries, hospitality will be better.
  2. You will have more choices to pick the one that’s best for you.
  3. Based on availability, prices will be reasonable.

Will it be convenient to travel to Qatar from a neighboring country to watch games?

A number of airlines like Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Saudi Airlines, flydubai and Kuwait Airways will fly shuttles at frequent intervals during the FIFA World Cup. There will be nearly 160 shuttles daily, with an economy flight ticket costing $298 USD. The shuttles will reach Qatar at least five hours prior to the match and you’ll get sufficient time for boarding the return flight to the neighboring country where you choose to stay. You only need to have these three things-

  1. A match ticket
  2. A Hayya Card
  3. A flight ticket that’ll take you to Doha four hours prior to the match’s timing.

More Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation Options

Rented Apartments and Villas:

Apartments in Doha can be availed at a reasonable rate of $1000 USD or less for one night. With plenty of apartments and villas all over the city, you can easily pick one that fulfills your criteria. In Al Wakrah, you can get a 3-bedroom flat at just $530 for a night. Isn’t that great?

Other than the expense, there are other benefits of staying at an apartment. Apartments have a homely ambience and the kitchens are well equipped with basic appliances to cook your own meal sometimes.

With Family and Friends:

Do you have an acquaintance residing in Qatar? Whether he/she is a distant relative or a childhood friend or an ex-colleague – asking if you could crash at their place for a brief period might not be a bad idea. Staying at a friend or family member’s house will be helpful in a lot of ways during your Qatar 2022 World Cup trip.

Fan Villages:

Currently, there are three fan villages located on the outskirts of the city and are accepting advance bookings. At $208 USD for one night, fan villages are undoubtedly the cheapest options for fans visiting Qatar during FIFA World Cup 2022. One of these villages is situated in the southern part of Doha, another one close to Lusail Stadium and the third, in Doha’s west.

You can opt for a full bed or two twin beds in the accommodations offered by Fan Villages. You have to keep in mind these are budget stays and nowhere close to the luxury hotels of Qatar or its neighboring countries. However, basic amenities like complimentary WiFi, potable water, housekeeping services etc. are available for guests. The pods aren’t air conditioned, but evenings in end-Nov and Dec are quite pleasant.

Cruise Ships:

One way of staying close to the World Cup venues is by booking your stay at a cruise ship. MSC Cruises offers accommodations in two well-furnished cruise ships which will be anchored at the Grand Terminal of Doha, which is outside the city central part. Staying at one such place will provide you quick access to commute to the stadiums and participate in other activities.

Presently, the rates per night at the two cruise ships, namely, MSC World Europa and MSC Poesia, are $350 and $180. In comparison to hotels, cruise ships have small rooms, but staying at a cruise ship will allow you to enjoy the perks of being on a cruise vacation. From drinks to restaurant to entertainment activities – the cruises have it all.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Accommodation Concerns:

  • Are there enough hotels in Qatar for World Cup?
    The Supreme Committee of Qatar has asserted that 90,000 rooms across different hotels will be available to the overseas guests during the tournament.
  • What are the types of accommodations for Qatar World Cup 2022?
    The accommodation options available for Qatar 2022 WC include hotels, apartments and villas, fan villages, and cruise ships.

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